About Me

A woman with strands of hair falling across her face

Hello there,

My name is Jodi…welcome to my little corner of the world! I hope that you’ll pull up a chair and stay for a while. My prayer for you is that you will be encouraged and uplifted by the truth and transparency in my writing, and that God will use it in your own life to cause you to fearlessly step out in faith and go where He calls you to go.

I started this blog because it was simply time to do so. I have had a love for writing and photography for quite some time now, but I hesitated to share my writing and pictures with anyone out of fear…fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of whatever the mind could conjure up. But then one day as I was cleaning out some old boxes that contained lots of “stuff” from my mom’s house, I had an epiphany: I have become my mother.

I remember those boxes that were full of the pages from the yellow notebooks. All of those pages of her beautiful handwriting, written with such passion from a heart that could only express itself on paper, because paper was safe, and her unrelenting pride would not allow her to bare her soul with such abandon that talking face to face would demand (I can relate).  I wish I had understood her when she was alive and writing the words that I was now reading. I wish I would have been more present in her world and on her terms.  Maybe then her yellow paper trophies would have stood erect on the shelves of my own heart, causing a fellowship and bond that would have transcended the written word. Nevertheless, my mother’s love of writing would become my own, and her love of words would become my love of words.  And her simple faith would set the stage for my own to develop and flourish, and then just do what she would have done: take pen in hand and simply write and share and breathe through my hands what is so full in my heart.  That is the gift my mother unknowingly passed on to me…the gift of courage- courage to write (her yellow papers remind me that it’s okay to do so) “…my tongue is pen of a ‘ready writer.” (Psalm 45:1)

This blog is written in story form, but each “story” is a true story from the desk of a former fearer…me. Each photograph you see in this blog is from my camera and is an expression of the world through my eyes.

God has shown me to myself, friends, and I see how fear has driven so many of the decisions and choices that I have made over the years.  It is only through God and His hand of deliverance and healing that I am able to live a life worth living and actually share myself with others.  All glory to Jesus!  And the same grace that has brought me to this place in my life (and is still growing me in these areas) is totally available to you if you’ll just call out to Him in sincerity and faith.  Blessings to you as we embark on the journey from mostly afraid, to courageous living!