Early Morning…

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…

It’s 4 A.M.

Early morning…where the dew of His lips meets the drought of her heart.

The room is black, hushed, and He wakes her up.  As her eyes focus in the dark, she realizes it is time to call out…pray…beseech…cry…repent…give thanks…and grab hold of His neck as a child does her father when bear hugs abound.

This is a time of day that can be holy or hellish, but to her it is holy – sacred even – because there is no smashed play dough in the rug to clean up, no casseroles to cook, no boogers to wipe, and the family sleeps.

So she snuggles with Heaven and wears God like a warm coat on a January day.

And this time of worship is anathema to hell’s host as they watch but cannot touch – and while God hears her with a compassion unfathomed by finite hearts, her humble, quiet, sleepy prayers begin to wax bold and bear wings.

This room is a burning bush and this bed is holy ground, so she takes off the shoes of her pride and bends the knee of her heart, and the saints in heaven are among the cloud of witnesses to this panacea for spiritual poverty.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” {Psalm 30:5}. Yes!  And sometimes that joy is found at 4:00 A.M.!  Why?  Because it’s quiet and fat faced little boys are dreaming of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, and husbands are dreaming of miter saws and building plans, and dogs have stopped barking…

These prayers – they are the ones that are prayed from deep in the gut…with groanings and transparency that a therapist could only wish to extract from their victim patient.

Moreover, these prayers are overheard by angels who watch and listen with bated breath as they wonder…“Will she move the hand of God?”dsc01334
But she remembers that the windows of heaven are closed to the unrepentant…to the one who regards sin in her heart…to the one who does not hate it. To the one who is void of godly sorrow that works repentance. And to the one who denies that they have sinned in the first place. To do so is to call God a liar….”for all have sinned”.

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: But verily God hath heard me; He hath attended to the voice of my prayer.” {Psalm 66:18-19}

So as prayer continues, sorrow for sin revealed by a gentle Savior convicts and cuts deep, and as she forsakes the yuck and the muck, and as she laments thorough, she is once again ushered into His presence to petition heaven and bask in her exalted position in Christ.

We – the saved – are only seated high because of Blood. As we are positionally seated in the heavenlies with our King, all hell is at our feet.  Satan hates us for it, but we should fall prostrate at the feet of Jesus Christ because of it.

What a privilege!  Where would we be without the cross?

But shouldn’t this cause us to be willing to yield to it and the painful work that it does in our lives? Yet, how often we run from the nails…desperate to escape the pain.dsc01273
This has been true for her, and she knows it. And in the solitude of that moment her thoughts fall to the cross:

♥Cross O’ Christ to thee I wander – from such wretched flesh I flee…
To a death mind ne’er can ponder – Blood stained pardon cleanses me.
Sweet embrace – complete surrender, self must die that Christ may live –
In my spirit bold yet tender…Christ the victory doth give.

Bitter-sweet communion with thee, Cross O’ Christ I feel such pain –
When I’m weary, Lord, remind me…through such death new life I’ll gain.
Cross O’ Christ, thy nails they’ve sought me – burdened soul to thee I give…
Perfect mercy’s love abounding, now to Christ my soul shall live.

Hail O’ soul the King that bought thee – boldly triumph o’er the grave.
Kiss the cross my Lord doth bade me…sin-seared soul my Christ doth save.
Resurrection hope hath found me, Love’s pure grace most surely warmed –
This cold heart which once had bound me, now set free to serve my Lord.♥

The cross and its work in a believer, the resurrection life that follows, the authority in Christ, the Blood of Jesus…how wealthy and blessed and complete we are…in Him.

And now she finishes her prayers.

She amens.
She smiles.
She yawns.

The night is ending and as glimmers of sunlight begin to flicker through the bedroom curtains, her eyes are a little heavy – but her heart is full of praise… and her God has heard.img_0002
Jesus loves her, and because of that…

She lives happily ever after, safe in the arms of the God who hears and answers…

The end.

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  1. Once upon a time girl:
    Breath taking, amazing, sensual & inspiring! Your words captivated my soul and wouldn’t let go. Very powerful.
    Congratulations! 🙏💥✨

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